As CEO, Ms. Schwartz is responsible for all phases of corporate and financial project implementation, QA/QC, contract administration, client/contractor liaison, project coordination, and business development.

IA's ongoing success can be attributed to her client-focused partnering approach to technology consulting, an integral component of the firmís mandate. IA was awarded a multi-year QA Consulting contract with New York City, largely through Arlene's efforts. As principal and Program Executive for the firm, she leads the Project Management Group with hands-on attention to detail to see every project through to successful completion. Arlene is the Executive Champion on all IA projects, working both internally and with key stakeholders to ensure project success and acceptance.

As a member of the NJ Department of Education's Steering Committee for Technology Standards, Arlene helped integrate telecommunications standards for the state's K-12 schools and is proactively working through the legislative process to improve the security of New Jersey's schools. A graduate of Brooklyn College, Arlene is a member of the New York Academy of Science. She received her MBA in 2003.