Asbury Park has embarked on a full-scale revitalization to rejuvenate this once bustling shore community. Asbury Park Schools are making needed improvements to provide ample space for students and improve the city’s educational facilities. Asbury Park is one of several Districts that have identified a District-Wide voice solution to include Voice over IP (VoIP). As the Technology Consultant designing systems for several buildings, IA realized the importance of finding a single, generic cost-effective solution for classroom communications in a VoIP environment that would avoid multiple systems, dual classroom handsets, and costly maintenance. The IA solution was a fraction of the cost of the original design.

While a VoIP intra-District solution supports most applications and the burgeoning technology needs of a growing population, it creates potential vulnerabilities and interface gaps with paging systems, often used in multi-zone configurations. IA researched solutions offered by several vendors and then developed a unique solution by adapting a paging unit already being sold to support the integration between the District’s VoIP system and paging system. The manufacturer agreed to change its signaling requirements to utilize DTMF coding from the VoIP system to the paging system. Educators in Asbury Park can utilize their VoIP phones to page any zone. The original alternative would have required two separate, standalone systems with two handsets in each classroom.