Long Branch is experiencing extensive urban renewal, development, and population growth. In response to these trends, the Board of Education has undertaken a massive school construction program, funded through the NJSDA. IA has a long, successful relationship with Long Branch, having served as Technology Consultant for both the Board of Education and the Municipal Government. We have completed technology upgrades and renovations for most schools in the District. Additionally, we are working on several new schools under construction.

We interviewed staff who indicated audible and visual techniques were critical to "reach and teach effectively" in large classes. Teachers wanted wireless microphones connected to an in-class speaker. Compounding the challenge, the paging system needed to be audible at all times. These mutually exclusive needs led to a costly interface. With our knowledge of electronics, products and standards, IA designed a wireless microphone supporting inputs for DVDs. It transferred audio from building speakers to classroom speakers, overriding class audio for building announcements. With a special audio relay from off-the-shelf products, IA’s design enables wireless communication with multiple inputs at a fraction of the original manufacturer’s cost!