ASU 2008 Outstanding Designs: Interior Renovation
Owner: Metuchen Public Schools
Project: Metuchen High School
Building Area: 117,000 sq. ft. Renovation
Cost: $22 million
Architect: El Associates
Status: Completed (2008)

This comprehensive building-improvement project began with a Master Plan that studied the options of renovating vs. replacing the 40-year-old school. The District decided to renovate and, because of the project's complexity, a comprehensive, 12-phase logistical plan spanning 18 months was created, including technology continuity during construction. Renovations touched all classrooms, science rooms, art room, home economics, auditorium, media center, gymnasium, new wellness center, cafeteria, administrative areas, corridors, and a new lobby. New technology infrastructure included cable, fiber and wireless networks. Key decisions addressed phones in classrooms, IT drops in classrooms and labs to best meet instructional needs, MDF relocation, Distance Learning/TV production facility, bi-directional video from classrooms, and programmable clocks. Project was completed April 2008.