IA was selected to review the County’s UHF radio system design and configuration and recommend changes to enable Fire/EMS Dispatch to communicate throughout the County’s areas of operation with seamless connectivity and operational efficiency. Our role was to independently review the design and progress achieved on the project and highlight areas for the County to improve its resource utilization. The County had begun tower construction at nine sites, several with antennas and equipment installed, then discovered it needed to modify the original design to provide adequate coverage and interoperability, as a result of challenges with the County’s frequencies. IA’s radio engineer assisted the County’s staff in analysis of options and, as Quality Assurance consultant, offered alternatives to help meet the County’s goals. Our team successfully identified significant cost savings over vendor solutions while effectively managing the project schedule to be able to implement the radio solutions within a reduced time frame. These work efforts resulted in an extension of our original project assignment with additional scope from the County.